The Best Books To Read – Book Recommendations From Different Categories

Best Novel Books of 2015

We created a list of books worth reading. This list is divided by categories and genres, because  each of us have different likes and priorities. Some people can spend with drama book hours when others just don’t like it. This list is dedicated to people who don’t want to waste time and money for books not worth it.   

Every book from this list is awesome and it will change the way you look on your life and loved ones or teach you something amazing enriching your life. Those books will help you spend free time pleasant and useful.  Lists are based on ratings from different environments and sources.

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I. Best books in general

  1. Best books of year 2015
  2. List of life changing books
  3. Best Novels Of 2015
  4. Best books for teenagers
  5. Top best-sellers of all-time – Soon
  6. Book Summaries – Soon

II. Best Fiction Books

  1. Sci-Fi books
  2. Fantasy books
  3. Thriller books
  4. Best Crime & Mystery Books

III. Best Nonfiction Books

  1. Best Business Books
  2. Best Fitness Books
  3. Best Leadership Books
  4. Best Psychology Books
  5. Best Self-Help Books
  6. Best Sports Books
  7. Best Travel Books
  8. Best Biographies and Memoirs
  9. Best Writing Books – Soon


Benefits of Reading Books

The habit of reading books disappears because of increasing popularity of tv, smartphones and computers. There is no time for book now. Most of us are too absorbed in watching movies, playing computer games etc.
People prefer to watch a movie based on a book than read. This is common behavior especially among children, who spend almost all day in the computer world. Recent research shows that the number of readers in general decreased dramatically and falls further. There are institutions organizing a many social campaigns encouraging to read books, unfortunately it is not effective as it should be.

Benefits of reading books are countless. Books are stimulating the imagination, broadens knowledge, let us escape from everyday routine and  give enormous satisfaction. This article will show you all advantages of reading books.

1. Reading is a great exercise for brain.  Unlike to unproductive sitting in the front of the TV or monitor screen, reading forces our brain to work. This improves the ability to analytical thinking. During the reading you discover new ideas and places. Reading the novel forces you to imagine a place of the action, characters, their faces, behavior etc. You create a movie inside your head allowing to develop new connections in your brain. Eyes see letters, words and brain transform it to a whole story. It is an incredibly stimulating factor.

2. Reading enriches vocabulary. While reading books, especially those dealing with specific areas of life you encounter new words and you faster remember them than reaching for the dictionary. High vocabulary will help you to find a job, friends and makes you smarter person.

3. Reading enriches writing. It may seem surprising but it does. As we said, reading improves ability of analytical thinking and enriches vocabulary – Those are main tools used while writing. Perhaps this is the reason why teachers of foreign languages recommend to read different texts and books.

4. Reading books broadens your knowledge. The more you read, the more you know. Is it not obvious? You can read books dealing with various problems which may happen to you someday. A novel set in different time frames and circumstances allows us to meet the different behaviors of people and places not existing around you. As a result your future decisions will be based on a broader range of knowledge .

5. Reading improves concentration and memory. Sometimes we are not able to remember the phone number or someones name but we are remember what you read in the book. Why? The book gives you complete information which is complex to a full story, this helps you focus and raise the curiosity about what you read. Reading a book forces us to focus and concentration. The more you are in such a state the more your brain develops. 

6. Reading develops imagination. As we said above, reading forces brain to visualize places, characters and stories. Your brain becomes a main movie director. It is incredible and wonderful experience. Thanks to reading we are able to visualize daily problems and predict many ways to deal with them.

7. Reading builds self-esteem. The more you read the more you know. The more you know, the more confident you are in different situations. Your sense of self-worth grows. Is it not amazing? Reading books is a experience building positive reactions giving you countless benefits.

8. Reading improves your conversations with others. How many times you found yourself in a situation where you do not have nothing interesting to say? Start reading. Think about books as a source of knowledge developing your horizons and enriching vocabulary. Read books from various fields, history, biographies, psychology books, crimes. Each of those book will give you numerous topics to talk about with others.

9. Reading gives satisfaction and kills boredom. If you sit at home alone turn off TV and start reading. You will move to a completely different world where you meet new characters and learn new things. This gives great satisfaction and it is the best way to spend time alone. 

How to read more books

Every year on the world appears hundreds of thousands books. Even with very optimistic assumptions the average reader can not read even one percent of them. What to do to be able to read more books without forcing ourselves to do this? Here are some practical advice:

 1. Read more than one book at a time. Some people prefer to read only book, but there are titles that is better to read morning, some before sleep and other are perfect to read on the way to work. When you have only several minutes then it is better to find at least one collection of short stories, letters, or essays. It is much more likely to reach for this type of publication than the thick epic novel.


 2. Set a goal during the reading. If you do not have time to read longer fragments at a time then setting a specific goal will be perfect for you. For example, stop reading when you finish a chapter or after when you read minimum twenty or fifty pages. If you will have more free time to read then set a higher goal (eg. two chapters or seventy pages).


3.  Do not read books you should read, but those which you like. First you have to read just to feel pleasure and connect this positive emotion with reading. Pressure will discourage you and is not give you anything. If you read books that match your interest, you will find out that you spend more time reading – This is very important when starting.

4. Don’t read books that make you tired. It does not mean that you should do not read books recommended by others. You should be opened to new experiences and interests. However, if after reading couple pages you get bored and you still continue then this can discourage you from reading books completely.

5. Read E-books. Even if you are a traditionalist and prefer paper books you should not resign from e-books completely. In some cases a thick book can be troublesome. In such situations a small phone or tablet can fit your better. For eg. if you do not have a place for books at work then a tablet will fit perfect. You will be surprised how much you are able to read using daytime situations where you can not carry a traditional book.

6. Read after eating, before going to bed or after getting up. This will help you make a habit reaching for a book at particular time during the day. Reading is a good form of relaxation, so you can grab a book right after eating a meal or before going to sleep when you lie in bed. This will help you go to sleep faster. It is worth to remember that before sleep is better to read traditional book or on e-book reader that uses electronic paper technology. Tablets and other devices not intended for reading books is emitting light and adversely affect sleep. You can also get into the habit of reading at the morning. This will put you in a good mood before work or school.

7. Use the public communication or listen audio-books in the car. Whenever you can, use public communication. This will help you gain a lot of extra time that you can devote to reading. If you do not have ability to use bus or train then listen audio-books in your vehicle. This is not as good as reading but it pushes your brain to work too.





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